Zuwa, an innovative and proud Zimbabwean is the Program Manager of the 2018 Oxford Africa Conference. He is currently a candidate in the Master of Public Policy (MPP) program at the Blavatnik School of Government.

He possess a multi-cultural fluency having travelled extensively and worked in countries such as Canada, China, Zimbabwe and other African countries. At both an American international firm and a top ranked Canadian national law firm, as a trainee lawyer, he engaged in complex multi-jurisdictional business transactions, litigation matters and in-depth government policy analysis. His work spanned sectors  including mining, renewable energy, project finance, infrastructure, international trade and foreign investment.

Zuwa is also the founder of the non-governmental organization “Gov-Enhance Africa”. Gov-Enhance Africa provides a platform for Young Policy Thinkers and Governance Innovators to (1) provide policy alternatives to decision-makers and (2) enhance government frameworks to deliver basic services to their citizens.

He is a fervent proponent of policy that is pragmatically tailored by governments that are open to new approaches to tackling the complexity around them, both nationally and globally. They must embrace solutions stemming from the private sector, non-profit sector and the citizenry through the political process.