Yolanda is the Events Manager for the 2018 Oxford Africa Conference. She is currently an MSC African Studies candidate from London. She holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations from the University of Birmingham.

Before starting at Oxford, she was an Action Plan Executor on the World Merit 360 United Nations Programme. Her team was committed to the United Nation’s 17th sustainable development goal, Partnership for Goals. This resulted in the launch of Impack, a scheme whereby backpackers can engage in socially conscience activities whilst they stay at hostels around the world.  She successfully pitched the team’s project to potential investors and stakeholders at the House of Lords. The programme is currently being executed in both India and the Philippines.

In addition to this, as an executive member of the Patchwork Foundation, she has given a presentation to David Cameron and has hosted a masterclass session centred on leadership with Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education. In recognition of her achievements, in 2015 Powerful Media recognised her as one of the UK’s top black 100 Future Leaders in their annual magazine.

Her main research interest is focused on social memory and the impact of its elitist construction on perceptions of African history.