Dr. Yene Assegid is a transformational leadership coach and founder of the Shola Company. She works with executives and high potential teams on leadership and talent development, change management and organizational transformation in Africa, Asia and Europe.  Her passion, however, remains with civil society organizations in Africa, especially organizations working on women’s rights. She is also the author of two books “Butterflies over Africa” and “Forget not the Sparrows…Unfinished conversations with my grandmother”.

She earned her BA in Business from the American University, her MBA from University of Maryland and the PhD from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She always says that her greatest educational experience were gained during the years she spent working with women who had survived prostitution in the streets of Addis; the time she spent with street children and former child soldiers in Sierra Leone and witnessing as a child the ravages of the Ethiopian revolution in the mid-seventies.