Wanja Muguongo, a queer African feminist and social justice activist, is UHAI’s founding Executive Director. Since 2009, she has led UHAI’s set up as Africa’s first LGBTI and sex worker rights fund, in one of the world’s most legally and politically restrictive environments. Wanja has spent her 17-year career in human rights advocacy and community development in Eastern Africa’s civil society, and in India and Pakistan.

She is a Senior Fellow with the Synergos Institute (2014-2018) and a Yale World Fellow (2012). She is also Board Chair of Akili Dada, a leadership development initiative for young East African women, is on the Steering Committee of Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN, formerly IHRFG), is a Board member of the Africa Philanthropy Network (APN), and of the East African Philanthropy Network (EAPN).