Simukai Chigudu is a DPhil (PhD) candidate in International Development at the University of Oxford, where he holds a Hoffman-Weidenfeld Scholarship. He has an eclectic academic background having received training in Medicine at Newcastle University, Public Health at Imperial College London and African Studies at the University of Oxford. Simukai has previously worked and conducted research in Zimbabwe, Uganda, The Gambia, Tanzania and South Africa. He has publications in several leading health and social science journals including the Global Health Governance; International Feminist Journal of Politics; Health Economics, Policy and Law; The Lancet; Health Policy and Planning; Feminist Africa; and Seizure: The European Journal of Epilepsy. Simukai has also given lectures on global health and development at Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, and Sheffield University.  Prior to taking up his studies at Oxford, he worked as a medical doctor in the UK’s National Health Service.