Ndumiso is an entrepreneur, leading a Global Development and Business Strategy firm that services development actors- (private, public and non profit) to solve the worlds pressing and complex challenges through strategic inventions. A development & business – marketing speaker – with over a decade of speaking experience who empowers his audiences with cutting edge knowledge, research based insights and key tools that can help them re-imagine their role and impact in their businesses, careers or sector.

Apart from his own ventures, he is a former World Economic Forum Global Shaper, having served 3 years in the executive committee as secretary and a recipient of a number of public speaking and leadership awards – The Young Communicators Awards and Presidents Awards by the Duke of Edinburgh for Youth Development work to mention a few.

Prior to forming The Associates, Ndumiso held various positions in corporate South Africa, working across multiple industries in Africa, as an Associate Brand Architect, Senior Marketing Strategist and Senior Strategic Planner Brand & Business Development executive at a leading Marketing, Research and Branding communication consultancies.