“While a director at Reputation House, a stakeholder research enterprise focused on corporate reputation and general public perception studies, Moshopyadi Hannah Heil is the founder of UK and South Africa registered  company Resonance Dynamics which aims to deliver bespoke market and stakeholder research solutions for organisations interested in generating positive social impact in Africa particularly.

Having worked as an independent consultant and in sales and marketing, first in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry(3M South Africa in the early 1990s) then in the executive education field(as Marketing Associate recruiting candidates for the Wits and Harvard Business School Senior Executive Programme early 2000s) and having worked as an executive and non-executive director in financial services, broadcasting and mining, Moshopyadi Hannah harnesses her career experience, including harvesting mistakes and errors of judgement, to enhance her training as a Group Coach through Oxford University’s Centre for Continuing Education and as a Social Change Agent and Ubuntu Lab Facilitator where the core focus is on applying MIT’s Presencing Institute Theory U of leading from the Emerging Future as envisioned by Otto Scharmer and co.

Moshopyadi is mostly inspired by positive collaboration between people across socially diverse backgrounds, economic context and geographic divides, her primary interest is to be a custodian for inclusion and authenticity in corporate dealings and to be gentle candid in addressing uncomfortable realities in business and society.”