In 2016, Moses Kanduri, partnered with Jacques Blinbaum, Founder of F2B (Brazil’s largest payment and billing platform), to create ALEXpay: a revolutionary mobile payment and billing solution that integrates multiple telecommunication companies and the banking networks in Ghana. ALEXpay, is a product of Allied Exchange Africa Limited.

Moses has led numerous award-winning social impacting ventures in Ghana. He served as Project Lead for the World Bank Sponsored program Youth Entrepreneurship: From Policy to Action. In 2008, his initiative “Turning Prisoners to Farmers” was selected as one of 100 most sustainable agriculture projects in Africa by the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation, African Development Bank and the IMF.

In 2015 and 2016, Moses served as Head of Resource Mobilization for the Ghana AIDS Commission within the Office of the President. His task was to collaborate with multinational corporations, medical and pharmaceutical companies, UNAIDS, the World Bank, UNICEF and development partners to raise funds for the implementation of the National HIV/AIDS strategic plan for Ghana. Moses holds an Associate Degree in Global & Environmental Studies from Kingsborough Community College in New York and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from City College of New York.