Regional Advisor (Africa)- British Blockchain Association

WEI Women Economic Empowerment Champion

Executive Education Manager – University of Surrey Business School 

Michelle Nsanzumuco has over 12 years’ experience managing a range of global projects working mainly with governments and businesses in both the private and public sectors. Her career started off with consultancy in the hotel investment field and this followed a career in leading regional UK housing policy initiatives working with housing leaders and government representatives.

Michelle then joined the financing sector working within the corporate finance division at the British Bankers Association (now UK Finance) leading the development of innovative financing initiatives, designing financing frameworks and analyzing the impacts of  macro-economic policy. The core focus was to help support the financial industry to design and implement financial stability programs following the 2008 financial crisis. Working with other European and global financing experts, Michelle led in assessing financing packages and programs designed to support the business community and other EU markets, often working with major financing institutions including a range of global banking associations.

Michelle is also well recognized in her policy and influencing work globally, helping with shaping and influencing government policy frameworks affecting businesses and finance operators across the UK, Europe, Africa, and Asia and in other global markets. Michelle has also written various articles and insights around economic, business, housing and financing policy issues.

With a strong understanding of government policy and managing commercial projects, Michelle has also undertaken financing advisory projects through her own consultancy working with global institutions, national governments and SMEs. This has included exploring access to finance, digital innovations and supporting the set up and implementation of policy programmes. Both the advisory and corporate financing roles involved designing financing instruments and policy frameworks working with major organizations including the World Bank, European Banking Federation, HM Treasury, British Chambers of Commerce & UK/EU/devolved nations, European Commission and many others.

Michelle joined University of Surrey in 2017 to work within the Surrey Business School’s Centre for Digital Economy to explore DLT/Blockchain developments and also manages and helps support design of innovative executive education programmes. Michelle is further responsible for growing the international footprint of the University and develop global programmes forming new relationships with other universities, businesses, governments and other groups. Michelle is also the Africa Regional Advisor for the British Blockchain Association exploring Blockchain use/application particularly in the context of supporting business transformation and social/economic development. Michelle is extremely passionate about exploring the potential of Blockchain/DLT to support enterprises and organizations in the African region. As an advisor  Michelle not only champions the opportunities of Blockchain but is keen to find ways of  helping support the education around the technology and its benefits ,leveraging the technology for sustainability, inclusivity, connectivity and responsible digitization for growth and productivity.