Mandipa is a Zimbabwean research analyst who is the 2017/18 Mo Ibrahim Scholar for the Governance for Development in Africa Initiative at the Centre of African Studies at SOAS where she is studying towards a Master of Science (MSc) in Violence, Conflict and Development. Her areas of interest include the politics of gender, transitional justice, conflict and security. This is in addition to her current research focused on intergenerational legacies of state denialism of trauma and violence and how they affect good governance and development on the African continent.

Her published work appears in the feminist journal Agenda, the Daily Maverick and the Huffington Post amongst others. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSci) in International Relations, Business French and Gender Studies (distinction) as well as a BSocSci (Honours) in Justice and Transformation from the University of Cape Town (UCT) were she is also a Master of Philosophy candidate.