Ibrahima Soumano is a Guinean entrepreneur who is very passionate about leveraging technology and the diaspora financing capacity for positive transformation in Africa. He is the founder and CEO of Senditoo (www.senditoo.com) – a Fintech startup based in London, that allows the diaspora to send mobile credit to their relatives in their home countries. Senditoo covers 150 destinations (40 of which in Africa) – across more than 500 mobile networks.

Ibrahima studied Business and Management at Oxford Brookes University before venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. In all the ventures he has found himself, the African diaspora has always been his focus, that has allowed him to observe and identify the pain points from the perpective of the diaspora but also the missed opportunities for the home countries. Through Senditoo, Ibrahima and team are re-inventing the way remittance is done with two main keywords: Blockchain and Impact.