Father Valentine Erhahon was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Southwark, London in July 2013. He is of dual nationality and a Londoner who has lived in many different countries in Europe and Africa. He is considered to be one with an African-European intellectual conscience. His background is in Philosophy and Theology, with a keen research interest in the medical sciences of the human person.

Currently he is a student in a Certificate Programme in the Awareness of Mental Health Problems and presently working on his research exams on mental health in Europe and Africa – especially among young people. His languages of communications are: English, Bini, French, Russian and a reading knowledge of Latin. He is a member of The Medical Humanities, Kent, The Poetry Society, London and in preparations for his further studies, he is currently a reader of the Oxford University Bodleian Library where he researches on the journey a prisoner makes from crime, through punishment and rehabilitation to redemption. During term time, he attends the series lectures of the Oxford Transitional Justice Research, Center of Criminology, Oxford.

In 2017, he worked with 24 prisoners in his study group to create a proposal for the creation of HMP Monopoly board game for prisons in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Later in the year, he created the Magazine: A Minimis Incipe, for Prisoners and Volunteers of the Catholic Faith in the Prison.  In 2018, he completed the first draft of his second novella: Mirrors in a Portrait to explore the support a prisoner with complex mental health illness receives from a kind and understanding officer. At the moment he is working with prisoners in his study group to create a Musical Theater that would imagine how prisons would look like in 2028 where a rehabilitative culture to prevent re-offending will be the norm.