Beryl belongs to the new crop of business executives changing marketing and transforming youth positioning in Ghana. Leading a movement to give a voice to the over 14 million young, ambitious and daring Ghanaians; she leads a core team of over 70 workers at EchoHouse which won Ghana Startup of the Year, 2016.

EchoHouse also works with multinational brands like Vodafone, Diageo, MTN, KFC, DKT International, Samsung among others. She continues to inspire a group of over 1,000 tertiary students across Ghana using the student’s initiative ‘Echo’. EchoHouse remains the go-to shop for brands looking to make a difference in the marketing landscape in Ghana be it experiential, market activation, sampling, brand recruitment, digital marketing, advertising, and brand communication.

With a commitment to helping create an alternative for the Ghanaian youth whose options after schools were usually limited to working for the government or multinational companies in years past, Beryl is a trained Civil Engineer turned marketer.

She has over the past 8 years in diverse ways mentored and introduced students to entrepreneurship and social problem solving by drawing on the experiences she has gained through EchoHouse, Ghana’s first 360 creative agency. She’s been named 2 years in a roll as one of the 100 Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in Ghana and selected as one of the Top 30 Influential Ghanaians in 2016.