Ademola Adesina is Founder and CEO of Rensource Energy.

Ademola has focused on building early and growth stage enterprises as investor and executive.

Beginning in 2007 on Agrica, a leading east-African agricultural concern, Automatiks, an integrator of hybrid power solutions, and AST, a leading Indian distributed energy company, Ademola was Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Capricorn Investment Group, the investment arm of Jeff Skoll and the Skoll Foundation.

He led business development and corporate strategy for Aquifer, an investment company sponsored by Lord Sainsbury where he undertook activities that represented strategic support for developing, strengthening, and growing Aquifer’s businesses.

Ademola joined Aquifer from the Rockefeller Foundation where he was a founding member of the Global-Impact-Investing-Network and the Innovation for Development Initiative, while also managing a portfolio of Africa focused investments.

Ademola began his career in an investment banking capacity with JPMorgan in New York.

He has lived and worked in Africa, the USA, and Europe.