Ade Abayomi Olufeko, a product of the pre dot-com era is an American trained technologist, commercial designer and international curator of Ijebu descent. The intersection of his expertise in different domains led to the 2007 formation of Visual Collaborative, a 360 festivals platform for humanities and innovation. He presently serves as its Chief Platform Strategist. He also serves as a management consultant in cognitive design for IBM’s Interactive experience and IoT practices.

Olufeko has lectured around the world on digital new media and the technology ecosystem as it pertains to the African continent at various institutions, conferences and festivals. Ade has rendered enterprise and ICT services to various Industries, working with brands such as Adobe Systems, PayPal, Atlantic Records, Bank Of America, Warner Music Group and many indigenous African companies. He is a recipient of the IBM Gerstner Award for client excellence following a computer worm virus in 2003.

In community outreach initiatives, Ade’s visual work on canvas has been leveraged by internationally recognized NGOs in both American and African countries. During his residencies in New York City and Minneapolis Minnesota, he received commissions to champion digital design work for various noteworthy American celebrities in the music-recording industry and has co-managed projects and enterprise teams worth a million U.S dollars and upward. Ade studied computer science concentrating on multimedia at Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul and is alum of the prestigious Saint Gregory’s College in Ikoyi Lagos.