Mallence Bart-Williams is a Sierra Leonean – German multi-facetted social entrepreneur: Publishing, film, fashion, Ayurveda, writing and philanthropy are among her professional repertoire. Mallence pursued her studies in economics and finance in Paris, Singapore and Great Britain. Today she lives across the globe, produces a holistic body care line in Asia, and is the founder and creative director of the Freetown-based creative collective FOLORUNSHO, a ‘SHARITY’ that she initiated with street kids in Sierra Leone.

Due to her cross-cultural roots she perceives herself as a bridge connecting two vastly different worlds. Her diverse background enables her to see creative solutions to common problems. Her Freetown based collective has taken homeless children off the streets into school via pure creativity without donations. Through her work with FOLORUNSHO and her recent venture IDEA FACTORY AFRICA, she connects cultural contrast, enabling people to share ideas and take result driven actions.