Innovation Fair

The Innovation Fair brings early stage startups to the Oxford Africa Conference. Innovators and social entrepreneurs participate in a series of workshops, mentoring session, and an elevator pitch session to compete for a £2,000 cash prize to further their impact. The Innovation Fair is supported by the Higherlife Foundation.

 Africa Technology Business Network

The Africa Technology Business Network is a social enterprise and global network focused on driving growth and impact in the African technology ecosystem

Do It Now

Do it Now Now is a powerhouse in the Africa/diaspora startup space. Having amassed a network of over 900 Africa-focused startup founders through their “Startups for Africa” initiative, DiNN is well placed to create opportunities for founders to learn, collaborate and grow together.


Namibia Chemicals

Namibia Chemicals is a chemical and industrial minerals start-up based in Walvis Bay. We aim to produce chlorine for water purification by electrolysing salt using abundant solar energy. The use of solar energy in this application contributes to sustainable development of Namibian resources in the most environmentally friendly manner. Through this startup, we are also working to fight cholera through accessible water purification processes.


Releaf is a database of private African companies. Our platform serves as a tool for foreign investors to make faster and better-informed decisions on the continent. We present investors with verified and analyzed private African company data, using analytics to measure each business’ performance relative to it’s peers.