Each year, the Oxford Africa Innovation Fair brings together entrepreneurs and innovators tackling challenges in Africa. They participate in networking sessions and a pitch competition for a chance to win cash prizes to further their impact. The 2018 Oxford Africa Innovation Fair is sponsored by the United States African Development Foundation ( USADF)

The U.S. African Development Foundation (“USADF”) is an independent federal government agency established to support African-led development that grows community enterprises by providing seed capital and access to technical support. Partnering with Africans, USADF is answering the development demands from communities one partnership at a time.

2018 Innovation Fair Candidates


Harvesting clean drinking water from air in arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya. We have developed a prototype that harvests 10 litres of water in 24 hours in relative humidity of 55%. It uses solar thermal energy and sponge-like desiccant materials to generate water at a low cost, in an energy efficient way.


Develop a chemical free, energy conserving plastic technology to recycle and transform plastic garbage and packaging materials into durable plastic timbers using unique technology. Plastic timbers are an affordable alternative to wood timbers. They reduce the need for building material manufactured from wood.


Utiva is solving the problem of unemployment in Sub-Saharan Africa by helping college students and recent graduates acquire relevant skills that employers globally are recruiting for. Our goal is to make sure each graduate is fit for the job market. We are also helping companies in Nigeria access well-trained and high-performing global intrapreneurs and employees.


Zaacoal is a clean-high energy and long burning (charcoal) made from waste (coconut waste). Uses prevalent, organic coconut husks to create charcoal for household and professional cooking. Packaged in biodegradable, accessible bags to accommodate all personal and business requirements as well as economic limitations. Addresses numerous environmental concerns while burning more efficiently than its alternatives.


Grainothèque is a social enterprise that works to increase the productivity of smallholder agriculture and its adaptation to climate change through mobile technologies for preserving seed genetic diversity, integrated pest management, and the valorization of crops, agricultural waste for degraded soils and markets for produce to farmers.


Byoona help group is both a mobile and stationary mental clinic designed to walk with the young (youth and teenagers) in the journey of mental health. Build a society of healing for mental health using art, training and awareness. They aim at using counselling and mentorship to help youth deal with day to day mental issues.