Innovation Fair

The Innovation Fair brings 10 different early stage startups to the Oxford Africa Conference. Innovators and social entrepreneurs participate in a series of workshops, mentoring session, and an elevator pitch session to compete for a £2,000 cash prize to further their impact. The Innovation Fair is supported by the Higherlife Foundation and RehearseIt.




Leti Arts

 Leti Arts is a video game development studio creating series of mobile games & comics that present stories of historic African heroes brought into the 21st century reality with compelling graphics. Through merging the past with the present they encourage younger generations to be genuinely excited to learn and engage with African history & culture.

GiftedMom Logo

gifted Mom

The signature solution of GiftedMom is an SMS and Voice messaging platform to improve mother to child health care by providing stage-based and customized notifications to pregnant women and nursing mothers on when to go for the next antenatal care session or baby vaccination respectively.



The Soular Backpack has a solar panel on it that enables children who don’t have access to electricity to study every night without the use, cost and health effects of the carcinogenic kerosene lamp. It empowers children with a tool to take control of their own education and their own futures.


logo modesty blanc


Modesty Group is a fashion line that aims to redefine the relationship people have with their clothes by providing clothing that is elegant, simple, comfortable and adapted to the needs and beliefs of their clients.

Sunshine Cinema Logo High

Sunshine Cinema

Sunshine Cinema is a mobile cinema that converts solar power into social impact. Through various short films, facilitated workshops and community media training initiatives we address social and environmental challenges through community facilitated engagement.


Nduna Girls

Nduna Girls is an empowerment program through job creation, internship, education and mentorship for young women. The vision of the program is to equip young women to reach their full economic potential through formal education and a complementary mentorship programme. Nduna Girls is housed under the Nduna Zimbabwe Trust.

APP logo high res

African Prisons Project

We work to advocate for the humane treatment of men, women and children in prison to eradicate injustices and enable every prisoner to realise their human rights, gain equal access to justice, healthcare and education. We envision making prisons where human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled in all circumstances.

Chalkboard Education logo_Gris

Chalkboard Education

Chalkboard Education is the low-cost mobile application that allows universities, institutions and companies to offer effective distance learning curricula anywhere and to anyone.

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Pinki Parts

Pinki Parts increases the reliability of community water points in rural areas by replacing the poor quality parts currently causing the majority of handpump failures with engineered plastic components. The mission of Pinki Parts is to help secure more reliable access to clean water for the 250 million people using Africa’s 1 million handpumps.


Innovative Idea Logo _ SICY_Biruk

Social Innovation Centre for Youth

Social Innovation Center for Youth (SICY) project aspires to stimulate creative and collaborative thinking among the public particularly youth through mass media engagement. The SICY spaces are where youth can interact, experiment ideas, meet with mentors and potential investors to solve social challenges.

Entrepreneurship Workshop

The workshop on Sunday will be led by Mark Neild, Chairman of Grow Movement, an award winning charity that coaches African entrepreneurs to grow profits and provide more employment and David Martin Kayondo, founder of Goldswans, a start-up boutique firm specialising in advisory, investment and enterprise work, focused on Africa’s socio-economic development Mark lectures on innovation and entrepreneurship and is an award winning mentor, having coached start-ups and SMEs to growth all around the world. David has a profound interest in Africa and as a voluntary consultant and advisor with the Oxford University’s Lean Launch program and Grow Movement he has coached young entrepreneurs, empowering them with the skills required to build sustainable businesses.   

  It will be a practical session aimed at helping any entrepreneur or social entrepreneur interested in “Developing New Products for Africa” and also focus on key startup challenges in “Finance, Marketing and Fundraising”.