Locally, Continentally and Globally.


The 2019 Oxford Africa Conference has been conceived as a multi-disciplinary platform that will bring together thinkers and doers working on Africa to collectively reflect on how we can redefine Africa’s relevance: locally, continentally and globally. The conference will be structured along three session within which specific sectors and issues will be discussed.

The first session will endeavour to take stock of the diverse indigenous assets that exist across the continent, whether in terms of artistic tradition or governance models, whilst casting a critical eye on the concept of indigeneity.

The second session will address the question of Africa’s relevance as a continental unit and take a deep dive into the multiple aspects of integration ranging from the tangible, such as institutions and roads, to the intangible, such as Pan African identity and political ideologies.

The final session will explore Africa’s place in the world: building on our endogenous assets and our conception of what constitutes a coherent geographical and political unit, where does, and where should Africa fit in a broader multilateralism? What do African individuals, peoples, nations, regions, and the continent as a whole have to offer the world?