Catalyzing an Era of Concrete Action

Many an African countries have been subjected to blame for development, democratization and economic policies that fall short in their implementation process, which arises from an array of reasons.  Our hope is that by discussing and delivering actionable approaches to tackling issues within Africa, Conference attendees will be able to contribute in meaningful ways as to how to fast track progress.

The 2018 Oxford Africa Conference  aims to examine the current social, political and economic landscape in Africa and provoke more pragmatic ways through which African countries can reposition themselves in relation to these dimensions. The Conference will focus on how to move beyond the rhetoric and bring to the fore contentious organizational, structural and societal issues that are rarely addressed adequately, but collectively are key for the continent’s forward trajectory. Intentionally daring, the theme aims to ensure that the 2018 conference is actionable.

In the spirit of concrete action, the key resolutions of the Conference will be collated and passed on to key decision makers in African institutions such as the African Union (AU) and key regional blocks mainly as Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and East African Community (EAC). In addition, credible think tanks, civil society organisations, and public-private platforms across the continent will be invited to mobilise thought and resources towards solidifying the Conference outcomes. The Oxford Africa Conference invites you to join us on May 18th-19th 2018.